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Wild Camping Life

General and Impartial advice from a group of passionate Wild Campers

Introduction to Wild Camping / Bivvying

With the growing popularity of enjoying the freedom of the great outdoors. Hiking, walking, mountaineering, general survival is not just a trend…

Wild Camping Equipment, Kit and Accessories in more detail

I touch on Wild Camping Equipment in ‘Introduction to Wild Camping’ However, we wanted to delve a little deeper and provide some of the learning we have made through trial and error in the form of wild camping tips around the camping gear.

Wild Camping Top Tips

Part of the fun of the activity you are about to embark on is discovery. Reconnecting with nature and finding out what makes wild camping unique and fun for you…

Wild Camping Food and Water

Food and Water

Some food types require more equipment and water is heavy to carry.

Wild Camping Change in Weather


Pack assuming the weather can change in an instant and be prepared.

Ideal Wild Camping Spot

The Ideal Camping Spot

Aim to start pitching an hour or so before sunset to give yourself plenty of time in the light.