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Have you been on the Ordnance Survey Website recently?

Although I’m a bit of a techy and like to have my navigation on electronic devices. I do buy the odd Ordnance Survey Explorer Chart and input the code on the app to download the iPad version of the area. I love to get the paper chart out at home and look for camping spots but what with wind and rain, not to mention size. I just don’t think of it as a must have on a trail.

I wanted to write a short post. Not about my map fascination but to tell you about a feature a friend recently told me about and I instantly jumped on. You can input your postcode OR any postcode and centre the map where you like to select your area. For only £16.99 you’ll receive a rolled, no folds version of the that choice. It looks great on the wall and very satisfying to peruse.

Visit Ordnance Survey Custom Made Maps to check it out. At 89cm x 100cm it is tricky to find a picture frame so you might need to get one made up but well worth it for a featured display of your stomping ground at home.