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Primus Express Stove – Small and Lightweight

We talk about pack size a lot and often cooking equipment takes up more space than it needs to. If you are looking to reduce space on trips by carrying a smaller stove system. The Primus Express weighing only 82g is a good option.

It’s 3 pronged cooking supports rotate around to sit together and it’s strong enough to handle larger pots. One of the smallest systems I’ve used and comes in a handy pouch With the piezo ignition and the (additional) folding tripod gas canister support, I’ve found it very reliable and stable. If it’s not the only stove in your equipment catalogue, it’s an affordable second option as well.

I find cooking time is longer with a little wind! Annoyingly, Primus used to do a magnetic clip on wind shield for this model but they were recalled due to them heating up. The Primus Express Stove Set 1L is a similar system with additional wind protection and handy folding handle pot. If you’re looking for something a little more in line with the popular Jetboil system then Primus also do the Eta Lite Gas stove although we’re starting to increase pack size with these camping stove systems.

Gas type: Runs on self-seal butane and propane mix canisters.